Why DJ’s Are Still Using Turntables and Why You Should Consider it Too

With the abundance of technological advancements in the music industry over the past decade, one may wonder why they would have any use for a turntable in this day in age. The ability to create music on your laptop or even from your tablet makes DJing convenient but there is something about performing straight from a turntable. In reality, many world renowned DJ’s still swear by using their turntable for shows and to create new music and there are many great reasons as to why. We will discuss some of the reasons here, but if you want to learn more, this is a post worth checking out.

  1. Scratching. Even if the sound of scratching isn’t your thing, it is still a great skill to have and DJ’s may find themselves in a situation where adding a few scratches here and there can really add something to the music and the vibe of the gig. Scratching on a laptop does not provide the same sound as doing it live. It provides a digitized sound and is not as exciting as watching a DJ scratch to the music. If you are a new DJ, scratching is actually going to help you learn. To properly scratch, you need to listen the the music and the cues.
  2. Respect for those who came before you. It is important to learn how to DJ with a turntable as you will be able to relate to those who came before you. In some ways not using a turntable can feel as if you are cheating the system and some may even think that you are not as talented as your music may indicate. To truly be respected by other greats in the industry, you need to learn how to play on a turntable and be good at it. Otherwise, no matter how good you are, you will always be known as just an amatuer DJ who didn’t take the time to learn on a turntable.
  3. Helps you come in to your own. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to use a turntable when you are first starting out is that it forces you to learn your style and the sounds you play best. Those who skip learning how to play on a turntable and go the digital route often find themselves mixing between electronic, techno, and deep house music which can really throw off the crowd. While it may seem like mixing a variety of genres is a good idea, it can actually be confusing to your crowd.



While it is best to start out on a turntable, if you do not have the budget to do so, at least try it out and practice for a few hours on a cheaper version. The ability to feel the vinyl on your fingertips and mix music manually can be an exhilarating experience and one that will likely inform how you mix sounds digitally.

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