Top 3 Things to Look for in a Drill Press

Drill presses are typically used for drilling holes mostly in metals and wood. They could also be used for a number of other functions such as being a mortise machine and also as a sander. Drill presses come in different types and sizes. As such, you need to take time to research the various types of drills that are on the market before you can settle on one. When it comes to drill presses, one needs to carefully consider a number of factors so that they can choose and buy the drill press that will serve their needs.

You could be a DIY person who needs a drill. You could also be an amateur in this regard. Whether one is a professional or not, there are a number of tips that you should keep in mind as you try and find the best drill press on the market today.

Here are 3 things you should look for when buying a drill press:

  1. The purpose of the drill press

This is a very important factor that one should consider when they are purchasing or finding the right drill press. If you are new to these tools, you will need to do some research so that you can find the right drill press for you. The specific function you require the drill for will determine the type of a drill you will buy. The drill press that you will come across can be used in different forms. There are those that function as benchtop machines, others are floor standing units and there are others that are radial or magnetic machines. Good research will help you choose what is suitable for your drilling needs.

  1. The power and the speed of the drill press

Most of the drill press machines in the market come with a motor that will run on electricity. They have power levels that are calculated in horsepower.  For you to get the best service from your drill press, consider its horsepower and the speed at which the drill bit will rotate. Your drill should be customizable for the various uses or for the various drilling tasks that you need it for.

Choose a drill press that has high power ratings so that it can be easy and convenient for you to drill large chunks of metal and wood. Therefore, your drill press should have a powerful motor for this purpose.

  1. Dimensions and angle of inclination

You need to consider the dimensions of your drill press such that it should be wide enough to hold the planks of wood or metal for the drilling purposes. Consider the throat depth of the drill press as this will determine the size of the wood planks that can be drilled. Consider the angle of inclination of the drill press. The table that the drill press comes with should be adjustable to a particular angle of inclination. You see, you will require drilling holes on surfaces that are curved as well. Consider the clamps on both sides of the drill and ensure that they can firmly hold the wooden boards. This will help prevent accidents.

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