Top 3 Places to Experience Adventure in Austin, Texas

Austin is fun! From the architecture and the culture to the people themselves, it’s just an amazing place. You will adore it on the first visit. Still, don’t believe it? Let’s go through three awesome places that will provide you with a great experience and adventure in Austin, Texas.

1. You can go rock climbing in the Austin Greenbelt
Rock climbing is fun. It is not only physically grueling, but also gives you a surge of adrenaline as you walk over large rocks where you are clearly in danger of falling. Sounds like the kind of adventure you are looking for? Austin rock climbing allows you to bond with members of your team as you challenge each other to go through the unforgiving rocky landscape. This adventure also offers kids a chance to go out and stay away from electronic gadgets for a while. On top of that, when rock climbing in Austin Texas, you are under the leadership of an experienced rock climber who can help you try out some rock stunts, as they do in movies, only that you are under the keen eye of an experienced guide to protect you from harm. Isn’t that great?

2. Go Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake
If you are a big fun of Kayaking, then Lady Bird Lake is the best place to enjoy this experience. The experience is even better on sunsets as you get to view the sun set on the towering skyscrapers of downtown Austin. The waters on this lake are also extremely calm. This means you can Kayak as you enjoy the tranquility of the waters, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In case you have no idea how to Kayak but would like to try it, Lady Bird Lake is still the perfect adventure destination for you. You will get to learn Kayaking under the watchful eyes of experienced trainers. Wouldn’t it be great enjoying the evening sun, and the beautiful Austin skyline while trying out Kayaking for the first time?

3. Join a tourist “Bike gang” and cruise around Austin
If you have ever been a tourist before, then you know how boring it is to move around in a tourist van. There is nothing adventurous or memorable about it. Well, that’s not what you can expect if you join a tourist bike gang, and cruise through Austin. This is an adrenaline charged experience as you push the bike to the limits. Then, of course, there is the thrill of racing other tourists for whatever prizes you may set for yourselves. On top of that, you have the right to instructors who can take you through different bike stunts that you may try out with your new found tourist friends. That’s awesome, right? Being able to pull a few stunts while cruising down the highways of Austin is an experience to remember. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with your life partner, in the thick of an adrenaline filled speed race.

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