Tired of Ugly Cellulite? Try the Warming Effect of Slim Extreme

Are you looking for a way to help treat cellulite problem areas?  Check out the Slim Extreme 3-D Thermo Active Serum developed specifically for your tummy and buttocks!

One of my most current obsessions are my belly wrap, and different creams that I can wear under it while exercising or just working around the house.  As a mom of 4 and all of them born via c-section, I have always struggled with my stomach area, whether at my heaviest or my thinnest.  I tend to have a lot of cellulite mostly my thighs and butt, and some as well on my stomach and while I am exercising several days a week and dieting, there are just some areas that are harder to get the results I want.  When I had the opportunity to try out Slim Extreme 3-D Thermo Active Serum, I jumped on it.  There is something about seeing “thermo” on a product that I seem to gravitate too and I was really curious to see if it worked.

Slim Extreme 3-D Thermo Active Serum is specially formulated for the butt and stomach area.  Now if you’re looking for a miracle gel that is going to make you skinny without doing anything, this isn’t for you.  This gel is a warming gel that is used to treat the appearance of cellulite as well as firm and tighten your skin.  It’s not a fat burner, simply claims to smooth your trouble cellulite areas.  I was down! 

So what were my thoughts…..I think I was overly excited to try this gel and applied too much the first time.  I didn’t just get a warming effect the first time, it was HOT!!!  Like nearly unbearable.  I actually decided I wasn’t going to use it anymore after that.  However, after reading other reviews of this at Amazon, I noticed a lot of others who had made the same mistake and complained of it getting really hot.  So after a week or so, I decided to try it again, and just applied quite a bit less.  The bottle doesn’t tell you how much you should apply, but with my experience, I found that about a nickel to a quarter sized dollop per area, i.e. one dollop for your abdomen, one for each thigh, each buttocks etc.  With that amount, it didn’t seem to get as hot as quickly, and overall was a more comfortable thermo-effect that I could definitely tolerate. 

I apply this to my stomach, my thighs both inner and outer, as well as on my bottom.  I only use it about 3 days a week after I’ve showered as it seems to absorb better that way.  The gel rubs in really well, there is NO sticky feeling left and it’s a very light plant-like scent that only lasts on initial application.

My results:

I’ve been using this gel for about 3 weeks, 2-3 times throughout the week, and the main difference I’ve noticed is that my stomach area has actually shrunk about an inch to an inch and a half both above my belly button as well as below it.  Not sure if that’s the gel or exercise, but noted none the less.  The biggest difference for me is the difference in how my yoga pants fit on the thighs and butt area as it’s not as lumpy (gross I know).  I can definitely see the area smoothing out since using the gel. If you like using a belly wrap with your gels and creams, be sure to check out the Sweet Sweat Wrap.  I purchased it about a month ago, and it’s the BEST one I’ve ever purchased.  I wear it daily and especially with this gel!

Product Specifics:

  • Paraben Free
  • 8.8 oz container – this is a large tube that goes a very long way
  • Ingredients: Equisetum Arvense Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Centella Asiatica, Laminaria Hyperborea Extract
  • Purchase: Can be purchased on Amazon for just $19.99 on sale now for just $14.99!

What is your current beauty/fitness product?

4 thoughts on “Tired of Ugly Cellulite? Try the Warming Effect of Slim Extreme

  1. lisa

    I’m very thin but have the dreaded cellulite. I think most women develop it after having children. I’ve tried a few products with no results. This is affordable, I’d like to try it. Thanks for the review!


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