Comparison Shopping Made Effortless with Walmart Savings Catcher App

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I’ve been using the Walmart Savings Catcher  for just a couple of weeks now and I am beyond excited. I have scanned 4 receipts and already and without even trying I have $3.49 that I can use towards a Wamart Gift Card (or $6.98 to redeem on my Blue Card). I can just imagine how much more I can save by using this for my couponing trips. There are a few towns I go to with Walmarts, and I’ve found pretty quickly that you earn more back when you’re in bigger towns with more stores to compare to.

walmart savings catcher redemptionn choices

If you like comparison shopping but don’t have the time to go through ad after ad before you go shopping, the Walmart Savings Catcher does just that for you. It’s so simple to do that there is no reason you shouldn’t be using this if you like earning/saving money.

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All you have to do, is scan the qr code at the bottom of your receipts (or enter the receipt number manually) and that…is…it! The Savings Catcher will then scan through all the competitors ads for the next 72 hours to see if there are any products on your receipt that are cheaper any where else. If it finds any, it pays you the difference.

Redemption: You can redeem one of two ways either via your phone, or online.

  1. Redeem as a Walmart eGift Card (print and use in store) for the exact value of the savings
  2. DOUBLE your earnings (through Feb. 2015 when you redeem to your Blue Bird Card. You can request your Blue Bird Card here, it’s equally as awesome).

bluebird savings catcher

I can think of many things to use my savings catcher earnings on, I only wish I’d started using it earlier, would come in handy for Christmas time and as much as I shop at Walmart, I’m super excited to reap all the benefits of this.

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