The Very 1st Review My Husband Has EVER Asked Me to Post @RohtoEyeDrops

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Rohto Eye Drops Review

I can’t even say truthfully that Paul “asked” me to share this review.  He came storming into the living room and demanded it really……I was kind of shocked, he’s one of the most negative people I know so for him to want me to do a review…and a positive one at that, is a shock to me still!  But, here I am.  If you have been wondering how Rohto Eye Drops really work, I’m here to tell you today!

There are 2 major issues that he struggles with and those are migraines, and really painful eye stuff.  I don’t know much about eyes, not even sure what to call it.  He wears contacts and like a lot of people, I’m sure, he leaves each pair in for longer than he should.  He gets a protein build up in his eyes that makes it nearly impossible for him to even get out of bed and function some days ( you know how men are).  We birth children for goodness sake, but either way, we’ve tried a lot of eye drops, usually whatever I can find with a coupon for cheap.  I came across a coupon somewhere, don’t remember where for sure, for the Rohto Eye Drops and figured I’d get him some, since I’m nice like that.  Plus I thought the bottles looked cool :).

 Whenever I bring things home for him, he kind of listens to me go on and on about it…..but he never is really interested.  That’s how he was when I brought these eye drops home.  Whatever, have burny eyes and whatever is what I told him.  It was about 2 weeks after I bought these that he woke up with one of his episodes and decided to try the Rohto drops.  He tried it in one eye, and then went back to bed.  When he woke up a couple hours later, he came bolting in here to tell me how awesome I was for grabbing these eye drops.  Not really, but he should have since I saved his life right?


Here is what he said:

Whoever you need to tell to get more of these, tell them, email them, twit them, whatever.  Do a review on these like today.

He said that when he first put the drops in his eye, just the one at first, that he didn’t know what to think because it was a cooling sensation on his eyeball.  He said that it didn’t burn, and didn’t hurt, but that he felt like he could feel his eyeball being cleaned.  After he laid down, he said that when he woke up again, he dreaded opening his eyes because he was already anticipating the pain.  There was none in the Rohto eye.  He said that his vision was clearer, his eye felt “fresh” and clean and he hadn’t had that feeling ever. 

Needless to say, I’ll be looking for more coupons, wearing more makeup, and combing my hair at least weekly since now he can see me and everything, and we’ll be purchasing more Rohto! 

Rohto Eye Drop Review

The Rhoto eye drops come in a few varieties including:

  • Rohto Ice
  • Rohto Hydra
  • Rohto Cool
  • Rohto Cool Max
  • Rohto Relief
  • Rohto Arctic

While each of them helps with different symptoms, they each contain the Freshkick™ technology.

Freshkick™ technology delivers an intense freshness that
brings instant cooling comfort to irritated eyes due to late
nights, eye strain, environmental conditions, pollen, dust
and inadequate tear production.

Soothes and comforts your eyes for up to 8 hours 
with Freshkick™ technology

From the comments I’m seeing on Twitter and Facebook, others out there are having the same positive results.  So if you have issues with your eyes, and are looking for an eye drop that will work, I’d recommend at least giving Rohto Eye Drops a try.  You can find them at most of your major retailers and drug stores and can even purchase them on Amazon if you have some gift cards to burn up.

What about you? Have you been looking for a better eye drop? 

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