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I love working with family friendly companies.  If you’re company is interested in working with Holyjeans & My Favorite Things, please use my contact form that I check daily!  Before you do contact me, please take a quick second to read over the services I offer and the prices involved, as well as my media kit. Know that I take a great deal of pride in my work, and I love to work for great companies and brands that I feel are a great fit not only for me, but most importantly my readers.

*Note: PLEASE, before you contact me, please read the information provided. While I am willing to be flexble in my pricing options if you have a different idea in mind, I do not work for free. I work very hard and blogging is how I help support my family. Please do not contact me and ask me to work for you for free or for an unreasonable price.

Services Offered at Holyjeans & My Favorite Things:

  • Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Giveaways
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Sponsored Events (pull from over 1,000 bloggers to help promote)
  • Sponsored Social Media Advertising: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest etc
  • Guest Posts/Ad Space

1. Product Reviews:

This blog is open to product/service reviews and giveaways. I am a stay at home mom of 3 teen boys ages 16, 17, and 19 as well as a 6 year old girl.  I also keep my 3 nieces ( 16, and 3 months old) and nephew (13 years old) in my home daily.   I am able to review a wide variety of products, targeted at pretty much any and everyone.  I am selective in items I choose to review and reserve the right to decline if I feel it is not a good fit or beneficial for my readers.  Honesty with my readers is high priority.  You can read some of my past reviews here.

Can Review Items Targeted for:

  • Men (clothing, auto, tech, electronics, outdoors, etc.)
  • Women
  • Teens Girls and Boys
  • School Age Children (6 year old girl)
  • Babies (4 month old girl)

Review Requirements:

  • I must receive a full-size of the product that is mine to keep after the review. Product must be worth $30 or more, unless there has been a prior agreement. If the product is less than $30, there will be a fee in the amount of the difference, ie if the product is valued at $30, there will be an additional charge of $15. Contact me to speak about your product.
  • The product will be personally reviewed by me. Photos of the review will be posted to the blog, along with my honest thoughts and feelings of the product. Only positive reviews will be posted. If I feel there is an issue, I will contact the company and try to work things out before posting a review.
  • I will review the product for approximately at most 2 weeks, unless otherwise specified. Once  I have written and published the review, I will send you a link via email. Each of my reviews is syndicated across all of my social media platforms with an approx. following of around 43,000 (as of September 2016).

2. Sponsored Giveaway: (giveaway with no detailed post) $25

A sponsored giveaway includes just a giveaway post with a link back to website or product site. Social media follows and site visits will be included as entries in the giveaway as well (with exception of Facebook likes)

3. Sponsored Post with Giveaway: (2 options) – Written by you ($35), written by us ($50) If you would like a detailed sponsored post in addition to a giveaway, I will provide you the same post as detailed above in the sponsored post.

*Please do not ask me to post your giveaway for free, it is not a one and done type of job.  It takes a lot of time to promote and get your company as much exposure as I can.

  • In order to further assist getting your company/product/business noticed, I place entries in the giveaway as links to your website (so entrants can comment on other products they liked, something they learned about the product etc.), as well as links to follow and like on your social media accounts.
  • I ask that giveaway winnings be shipped directly from you or your business to the winner. I will provide you with only the winner’s email/address once the giveaway is complete and the winner is verified.

3. Sponsored Post:

  • There are two options for a sponsored post –
  • Written by You $50 – You may provide me with a post written by you, I will post it on my blog with up to 2 back links (all no follow). The post and topic has to be relevant to our blog and must be approved before posting. All sponsored posts will be disclosed as compensated to comply with FTC guidelines.
  • Written by us $100$150 You should provide me with any pertinent information you would like to have included in the post. Post will be at minimum at least 300 words with same amount of back links as option 1.

4. Guest Posts / Ad Spots:

  • Guest Posts are treated like advertisement.  Fees for a 1 time guest post with 1-2 back links is $50.  The post will stay for the life of the blog.
  • Ad Spots:  ad spots are available in two different sizes.  150×150 and 300×250
  • 150×150 ads: $10/ one month, $15 for 2 months, $40 for 6 months
  • 300×250 ads: $20 / one month, $30 for 2 months, $70 for 6 months

5. Sponsored Social Media Posts: I have a combined fan base of over 50,000 across my social media platforms. I have a few different options for social media posts including:

  • 5 Tweets/Facebook Posts $30
  • 10 Tweets/Facebook Posts $60

If you have specific ideas, contact me for more options.

6. Book Reviews: Teen/Adult books $35 / Children’s Books $25: If you have a book you would like reviewed, you will need to provide a physical copy of the book as well as a fee of $35/$25. I require at most 2 weeks to read the adult books and at least 1 week for children’s books. I will then post a thorough review. You can read more of my book reviews here.

7. Tech Reviews (apps, software, etc) $50: You will need to provide some of the most pertinent information you would like included in the post. Post will include up to 2 back links (no follow). I will provide a thorough review with plenty of photos.

8. Sponsored Blogger Event Giveaway

$100 – $300 (The fee covers organization of the event, forms, writing the HTML, Images to promote the event, time, and email correspondence with bloggers, and more)

I have access to over 1,000 other bloggers to run large giveaway events. If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway event rates will vary based on how many bloggers are promoting the giveaway (I like to keep it no more than 20), turn around time, prize value you’re offering, length of time you want the campaign to run.


All payments must be made through Paypal to within 24 hours of post going live. If payment is not received I will remove the post until payment is received. Payments for events and social media will need to be paid before hand.

All payments must be made through Paypal within 24 hours of post going live. If payment is not received I will remove the post until payment is received. Payments for ad spaces, events, and social media will need to be paid before hand.

I Love working with companies of all sizes and all ages.  Be sure to check out my media kit, and if you are interested in a review,  giveaway, guest posts/advertisement, or sponsored posts don’t hesitate to contact me at




2 thoughts on “PR Friendly

  1. Ashley Bowen-Patterson

    Hey there Amy!

    I will be totally honest, I’m very new to reaching out to awesome peeps like yourself!

    But I would love the chance to send you my handmade product for a review! I did read your rules and I’m happy to abide!

    My name is Ashley & I am the sole owner/designer for Bratte &Co. I create OOAK hair accessories for all ages and styles. I specialize in designer Over the top (OTT) hair bows with tons of detail! I would love a chance to send you some of my best work! I hope to hear from you very soon! Thanks for your time!

    1. Amy Post author

      Hello Ashley, I’ve been out of pocket for a little bit, and am just now getting back to work and just saw this. I would love to review your items. My little girl is constantly playing with her hair and trying different hair doo-dads lol. If you could use the form to shoot me a message, it’ll come straight to my email. Easier to find that way 🙂 Just click the contact me tab at top. Look forward to working with you and thank you!


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