Bye Bye Bun, Hello Hair #NIOXINChallenge

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If you have thinning hair and you’re ready to get your volume back, NIOXIN® may be a system for you to check out. I jumped on board the NIOXIN’s 30 day challenge and have been using this system for about 3 weeks. The photo below was around the time that my hair really started thinning, it was still somewhat full and healthy here about 7 years ago.

NIOXIN review

Many women can attest to this when I say that when we don’t feel “right” it affects her entire being from how she feels, how she carries herself, how she parents, how she functions in every day life. Whether it’s not having enough time for ourselves, not being our desired weight, or feeling important enough, it all takes a toll. One of my most annoying issues is how thin and brittle my hair has become.   It used to be so full and thick, almost annoyingly thick, when I was younger.  I had THICK hair, lots of it.

thinning hair

That changed in my 20’s when I started experiencing hair loss. It started after having my kids. With my first 2 it seemed to slow down eventually. However, after my 3rd and 4th it just never stopped. I have probably about a 3rd of the fullness in my hair of what I did when I was younger and it’s pretty bothersome. Let’s face it, society puts a lot of pressure on women to look beautiful in every area of your appearance. I don’t care for hair commercials that show women with long thick beautiful hair, it gives you a bit of a complex.  Women aren’t alone in this though. Shockingly there are many of us out there that go through the struggles of hair loss, and for the 40-50% that do, it can cause stress, anxiety, low self esteem, and loss of confidence. I’m tired of pulling wads of hair out every time I shower or brush my hair and watching it thin away.


My NIOXIN’s 30 day challenge….. I’m usually pretty skeptical about, well everything, but have been really impressed with NIOXIN.  I loved the fact that before receiving your kit, you can go in and answer a few questions to determine which system is best suited for you.  My system was NIOXIN System 5 Kit.  Normal to Thin-Looking and for medium to coarse hair.  NIOXIN uses advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair. Their commitment to innovation, supported by 25 years of research, enables them to be able to help more than 3 out of 4 men and women in the U.S. who experienced thinning hair.


My kit consisted of everything I needed to get back my volume:

  • NIOXIN Cleanser
  • NIOXIN Scalp Therapy Conditioner
  • NIOXIN Scalp Treatment
  • NIOXIN Bodifying Foam
  • NIOXIN Night Density Rescue Serum
  • Oh so nice Slip™ Pure Silk Pillowcase

There are several different systems and each of them focuses on 3 key factors: scalp and hair environment, the role of hair health, and the change of hair structure over time.  You can take the free questionnaire to see which system will work for your hair.  I’ve used this system for the last few weeks, about 4 times a week. There are a few steps to the system but I really committed myself to using it because I wanted results. My hair not only has become fuller, but it feels so much healthier than it was before. It was dry and damaged and broke easy. My hair hasn’t felt this healthy in a long time.  Something else I noticed, which was a surprise to me, was that the length of my hair has grown quicker than usual. I was really excited about this because I’ve been kicking myself since I chopped it off earlier this year.

NIOXIN Before and After

I’ve been so happy with the results of using NIOXIN® that I’ve pulled my hair from it’s everyday bun and have been wearing it down and fixed a lot more lately, and it gets noticed 😉

NIOXIN’s innovative solutions have received industry recognition year after year, and now I know why. NIOXIN’s advanced technologies provide real solutions for each individual hair type. If you are truly looking for something to help give you thick beautiful hair, I would definitely recommend heading over to NIOXIN® and read more about NIOXIN® products. Head over here to find a salon near you.

Do you have issues with fine or thinning hair?



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