Low Carb Diet

If you come here often, you might know that I am a chronic dieter, mostly low carb and although I lost about 50 pounds last year, sadly I gained about 20 of it back during our month long hotel stay thanks to our house fire 🙂  Apparently microwave foods and restaurant foods are extremely bad for the waist line!  I’ve been trying to get myself back on track but it’s really difficult this time around to get going.  I came back to what I know and what I can follow best which is a low carb diet.  I thought about starting a low carb dieting page here to have a way to stay accountable and also to help others in their low carb journey. 

Anyway, I am bound and determined to get this weight off once and for all.  My oldest son will be getting his senior ring in a ceremony come September, and I want to be able to look nice for him (I hate embarrassing my kids) and feel good about myself for his ceremony! This is my day 1 starting weight photo, and I’ll be damned if this is how I look at ring ceremony!

Low Carb Dieting

  • Official Starting Date: Monday July 27, 2015
  • Starting Weight: 191.2
  • Goal Weight: 150
  • Ring Ceremony Date: TBD

I think I’m going to try to update it at least every 2 weeks!  If you would like to join in on this low carb journey, feel free to link to your progress page below in the linky!  That way I can keep track with all of your progress too, and ya’ll can help put pressure on me to get my butt in gear 🙂

Low Carb Recipes and Food Finds:

What I Use to Stay On Track:

  • Fen Trim Appetite Suppressant – (you can get a BOGO deal with promo code: 6MGYKL23) I really LOVE this stuff, have ordered 3 bottles (from Amazon).  You can read my full review, but it works a lot like phentermine did for me, with an added mood stabilizer effect.
  • Hip Hop Abs: this is one of the programs I used to lose the first 40 pounds or so.  I still like to use it along with Biggest Losers Powerwalk and just plain walking outside!
  • Probiotic Gummies:  dieting or not, everyone should take probiotics because they are so beneficial!  I am a HUGE believer in them.  Gummies are the easy way I get mine in every day 🙂
  • Vitamins:  I take One a Day Gummies (coupon here), 2 per day!  These have really boosted my general feeling of wellness and I was NOT a vitamin taker before.  It became a habit, and I take them daily!
  • HUGE Water Jug:  I found a humongous water cup/jug at some outdoor store and have been carrying it religiously with me every day for the last several months.  It’s an easy way for me to make sure I’m drinking plenty of water and fill it at least twice a day!


5 thoughts on “Low Carb Diet

  1. Kelly

    I have done great on Low Carb diets in the past, and the time has come again, that I need to do this. I started today. So far, so good (chocolate chips are low carb right? ) LOL. I figure each day better than the last. Once I get past two weeks without carbs, I no longer crave them. However, these next two weeks, I should be locked in a closet 🙂

  2. Leslie

    Just wondering where find the updates to your progress or any other info on your low carb journey. Looking for motivation and ideas to start my own journey to weight loss.

    Thank you in advance and best wishes!

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Leslie, thanks for visiting. I had meant to update every couple of weeks :). I’ll be posting an update this weekend on here on my tips, tricks, and my progress (and downfalls). Best way to stay up to date is to subscribe if you like, that way when I update it comes to you via email! Good luck on your journey as well 🙂


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