24 Real Ways Teenagers Can Make Extra Money

Living in such a small town, it can be difficult to find jobs for teens to do. The opportunities are kind of limited with only ONE grocery store in town, and just 2 or 3 other places that work with their hours.  However, they have access to so many more money earning opportunities than I did as a teen, with all the online resources available to them now.  From quick earning reward websites, having their own blogs and even online business ideas at they’re reach, they’re opportunities are nearly endless. There are plenty of ways for teens to earn money if they’re willing to be a little more creative, take into heart what their interests may be, and go with that.

Ways for Teens to Earn Money

My oldest is actually a sacker at our local grocery shop, and in my opinion it is probably one of the best jobs to have in our town if you can nab it. We only have one major store here, and this is it πŸ™‚ He works usually 3 days a week after school and gets a paycheck every Friday. It’s enough to get him by, keep gas in his truck, and help pay half of his insurance, yes I make him pay half of his insurance. The only problem is, he’s a very outdoor, hard labor type of kid…….he actually likes to work at 17, strange I know. He doesn’t mind keeping his job at the store for a consistent source of income, but lately he’s wanting to find other ways to earn money in his spare time, who doesn’t right? So I’ve taken some of the experience I’ve had by working online to come up with a list of ways that teens can make money both online and offline. Every teenager is different in their interest and skills, so I put together a fairly diverse list of ways for teens to earn money that would cover a large span of interests.

  1. Grocery Bagger/Stocker/Cashier:   I put this first, because in a town like mine, it’s the first job many of our teenagers try to get. In most cases, the young men are hired for bagging and/or stocking and the young women run the cash registers. That’s not a set thing of course as I’ve seen done opposite on occasion.
  2. Yard Work:  This can cover a large basis of lawn care from mowing yards, tree trimming, hauling off tree limbs, whatever. This is a great way for teens to earn a little money on the side, especially during Spring and Summer.
  3. Minor Handyman Work:  A great way to earn a little cash is to talk to local landlord who own rental property. Often times they are looking for people to clean up properties that have been moved out of, or remodeling like painting and landscape.
  4. Life Guard:  My sister did this when she was in high school at our local public pool. She really enjoyed it, and if you like swimming and are responsible, this is a great job for you.
  5. Babysitting:  I haven’t seen many teenage boys that babysit, but this is a great one for teenage girls. Do you ladies remember “The Babysitter’s Club“? I LOVED those books. What a great idea to get a group of teenage girls to make their own little babysitting business.
  6. Tutoring or Private Lessons:  If you are gifted in academics, or even have a special talent whether it’s playing piano or playing tennis, you could take those skills to tutor other students, or give private lessons. This is more geared toward responsible, mature, and focused teens with a lot of patience πŸ™‚
  7. Farm/Ranch Hands:  If you live in an area with a lot of farming and ranching going on, chances are they take on summer help. My oldest actually does this in the summer and they do different things like baling hay to putting up fence. It’s hard, dirty work, but rewarding (says my son).
  8. Camp Counselor:
    We don’t have any camps in our area other than little league basketball camps and such. My kids have gone to summer church camps though and I know they hire teenagers at a certain age to come back and be camp counselors. Also a rewarding job.
  9. Auto Cleaning/Detailing:  I know some people who do auto detailing as their side jobs, as well as even primary sometimes.  If you are responsible and trustworthy AND DO A GOOD JOB on cleaning vehicles, you could make a good chunk of cash
  10. Sports Camp Instructor/Assistant:  This falls kind of in the same area of camp counselor. If you’re skilled and patient in a certain sport, like basketball or tennis or whatever, you might can look into maybe working as either an instructor or an assistant of the instructor.
  11. Movie Theaters and Bowling Alleys:  We don’t have a movie theater or a bowling alley in our town, but we visit them often and I see a lot of teenagers working them. Weekends and summers are extremely busy times for movies and bowling alleys and this would be a great job, and I’d imagine pretty simple.
  12. Paper Delivery:  The term “paper boy” came from somewhere right? Now days, I don’t see them on bicycles anymore, rather an older woman driving by really fast throwing the paper into our yard every morning πŸ™‚ This would only be a good choice for you if you don’t mind working in the wee hours (and I do mean wee) of the morning. Good thing is, in most cases your paper route is done very early in the morning and after you finish, you have the rest of the day to play, or even better, do one of the other activities on this list!
  13. Pet Care:  Seems like there are always people looking for either a pet sitter or walker for their beloved furbabies. If you love pets, like my youngest son, this is right up your alley. You must be extremely reliable, trustworthy, and serious about this job though because pets in most cases, are like peoples’ children and they’re trusting you to care for them like they would.
  14. Umpire or other Sports Events Help:  In our town I know that they allow teens (and pay them) to come and do things at sports events like umpiring little league games, running the concession stands, and even moving the chains at the football games. My two older boys have done the concession stands and chains and love it.
  15. Sell their talent:  There are a lot of ways to do this. If you like to draw, make crafts, jewelry making, etc, capitalize on it! There are ways to sell online and even offline (ex: make a Facebook page to take orders). I don’t recommend Ebay as much as I used to since the fees in my opinion are outrageous anymore and it’s not always worth it. I actually sell my crochet items on Etsy and patterns on Craftsy. I love it there. If you are talented enough to make your own patterns for crochet, sewing, quilting, etc, you can actually sell your patterns on sites like Craftsy, Ravelry, Etsy, and even on Amazon. Just a thought.
  16. Teen Beauty Assistant: If you love to do nails, makeup, and/or style hair, this would be a big way to earn money.  I knew some girls in school who used to do this.  I’d imagine you could make some pretty good cash around formal event times like Prom, school dances, Homecoming etc.  You can check on Amazon for affordable makeup kits, as well as acrylic nail kitsE.L.F. and Ulta are also great places to find affordable makeup kits.
  17. Write:  If you love to write whether they’re information articles, reviews, lists, how-to’s there is such a huge area online to work with. You could write articles for FREE at Hubpages and get paid for it in a few different ways.  I can’t speak highly enough about Hubpages and highly recommend using their platform, especially if you don’t want to have a full blown blog. I have been at Hubpages for about 3 years or so, and even though I don’t write there as often as I used to, I still earn monthly income via Paypal from it passively. You can also sell your articles online or perhaps even write and sell research papers.
  18. Sell Your Stuff:  I’m not talking about just selling junk, although sometimes people are searching for some weird things. There are a lot of ways to make money by simply selling items from your home that you don’t use anymore. If you don’t like sites like Craigslist, check on Facebook to see if there are local “Trading Posts” in your area. Once you join the groups, you can post a photo of items you have as well as the asking price and sell them for no fee. I do this ALL THE TIME. My sons have also used this route to sell video games they don’t play anymore, it’s a very effective means for extra income. On these posts, people will not only sell items, but they will also post something they would like to buy.
  19. Online Consignment:  I’ve actually used this route myself and love it. If you have a closet full of name brand clothing that is in good condition still you can sell to places like ThredUp (they take bags and shoes too).. These places will either pay you in cash for your used items or issue you store credit!
  20. Blogging:  If you have a topic that you are passionate about, you can start your own blog. This is a whole post in itself and there are tons of sites that help you set up a blog to get started ( I haven’t touched on that yet here yet). There are a lot of ways to earn money blogging from placing ads on your site, to affiliate links, to sponsored posts. It’s taken me a few years to really get the hang of it, but I can guarantee you that blogging income is very real, and the more work you put into it, the more potential for income you have. You can check out my post on the affiliate sites I earn from the most to help you get an idea.  Starting a blog can be done totally free on several sites, however I recommend if you want to do the free route go with Blogger because of how user friendly it is.  I used blogger for a long while until things got more serious last year, and I converted to a paid WordPress blog.  LOVE the change.
  21. Get Paid to Tweet:  Yes, you can get paid to do what you’re probably doing anyway through sites like Izea.  Izea is a site where you can do anything from sponsored blog posts, to sharing videos, and even just tweeting. It’s free to do, but there are other option like the $1.00 or $5.00 monthly plans that allow you more opportunities. I have the $1.00 plan now, for the simple reason that I wanted unlimited bidding on my account vs. the 3 bid monthly limit on the FREE account. It’s totally easy, and the amount you get paid to tweet, depends on the number of following and interaction you have on your twitter profile. Sign up at Izea.
  22. Photography:  If you’re handy with a camera and LOVE taking photos, there are a number of websites online that will BUY your pictures to use for stock photos. Blogger LOVE stock photo sites, and will often times purchase photos for blog posts that they don’t have or can’t provided images for.  To sell photos, you can check out sites like iStockPhoto or Dreamstime or just do a search “where can I sell my photos” and then weigh your options.
  23. Paid Searches / Surveys: There are a lot of sites out there that will pay you for doing simple things like to search through their search bar, surveys, watching ad videos, and even to shop through them.  I have tried many many sites like this and some are really a waste of time, but there are a few that are perfect for teens to do in their spare time.  The main one being SwagBucks and they have a mobile app that makes it easier to participate.  My son’s use this to earn Amazon Gift Cards and it’s really easy to do.  Another site you can check is MyPoints.  I use it ALWAYS to shop through.  If you shop a lot online, it’s a great site to go through because you earn points for the money you spend.  Once you have points built up, you can trade them in for different rewards from amazon gift cards to paypal cash!  You can also take surveys, play games, etc on Mypoints to earn money.  If you’re interested in doing online paid surveys, you can check out any of these to start with MySoapBox, Ipsos i-Say, SurveySavvy, Mindfield Online, Opinion Outpost.  I did paid surveys more than I care to admit, and these were my top choice, the ones that weren’t such a waste of time.  You can read all about my experiences with these paid survey sites.
  24. Youtube: Become a Youtube celebrity.  I’m a little too camera shy for that, but teens are making lots of money by doing videos, like makeup tutorials, face painting tutorials, or even reviewing toys like this little girl here (my daughter is obsessed with her and watches her every……single…..day)!

Check out these helpful products I found on Amazon that cover how your teens can earn money, and even save and invest it!


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  Which of these ideas for teen jobs do you find the most appealing?

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  3. Johnny

    When I was younger I used to work down at a detailing pit near my home. I am not only grateful for the money that I earned but, also for the experience that it gave me. Now, I know exactly how to keep my car looking like brand new. Working really has so many benefits.

  4. patricia Marsden

    Jobs are good for kids. My first-born and usually most responsible one delivered newspapers. Too bad many publishers forgo paperboys/girls for motor route carriers. She also baby-sat. She also shoveled snow. while I monitored her money, it was all hers to save or spend. She was allowed to work as long as she maintained decent grades (which she always did).
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    1. Amy Post author

      Those are great jobs. My oldest is the same way. If it snowed here more often, mine would love to shovel snow.


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