Anxiety Disorder and How L-Theanine Has Helped

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Over the Counter Anxiety Relef

If you suffer from anxiety and have been looking for something to help ease it, read this post.  A little while back, I decided that I’d had it with the way I was feeling, and decided to try something called L-Theanine.  I found mine at Puritans Pride.  First here’s a little background on my situation.

I have suffered from mild anxiety since I was a teenager.  I can remember my very first anxiety attack when I was 15 years old.  I was walking from one class outside to our gymnasium………..that’s it. Nothing happened, there was nothing I was dreading in the next class, it just HIT me!  I stopped walking and had this wierd feeling come over me, and had no clue what it was.  I thought I was crazy.  I just knew that I felt so freaked out and sad all at the same time, but not knowing why I was freaked out or sad.  Up until a few years ago, I would have these anxiety attacks very sporadically, like once or twice a year maybe and it was pretty mild. However, the last 4 years, it seems to have come on me full force.  I pretty much stay in a constant state of anxiety, and when it reaches it’s peak, it tends to get the best of me. The last few years, I’ve had pretty frequent and more severe anxiety attacks, about 1-2 per month!In the last year I’ve really been able to recognize the symptoms of an oncoming attack, and crazy as it sounds, I can usually feel one coming on a whole day before.  It usually feels like I want to crawl out of my skin and I’m just completely unsettled.  That, usually is accompanied by a tingling around my mouth.  I’m a freak I know!  I also started to notice that my anxiety for whatever reason, peaks now right before my menstrual cycle.  So, that’s awesome right?  Now my anxiety goes hand in hand with my PMS.  Can you say Cray-Cray?  My kids can :).I’m not sure if it’s a fluctuation of the hormones that really agitates my anxiety or vice versa, but whatever the case, it really sucks!  When I had my last really bad anxiety attack about 4 months ago, it happened in front of my kids, in my vehicle.  It was one I hadn’t even felt coming and it was one of the worst ones I’ve ever had.  It was also super embarrassing for me, because usually I can feel it coming on, and I’ll quietly head into my bedroom or a bathroom and hide until it passes.  My kids had never witnessed one of my attacks until that day.

After my more severe attacks, it usually turns into sobbing because, I don’t know why, and then after that, I’m wiped out for the rest of the day. Zapped!  I decided then that I really needed to get something to help with this.  Problem is, I have no insurance, but even if I did, I didn’t want a medication that was going to put me to sleep or turn me into a zombie.  I set out to find something over the counter and came across L-Theanine at Puritans Pride

L- Thenaine is a natural phytochemical found in Japanese green tea.  It’s a non-essential amino acid that is present in the brain.  Studies have indicated that L-Theanine interacts with the neurotransmitter, GABA which is known for its importance in nervous system functioning.  It works with the mood centers of the brain.  Studies in Japan also show that L-Theanine helps support the body’s ability to deal with PMS and occasional every day anxiety.

L-Theanine from Puritan’s Pride comes in 200mg per serving.  These are rapid release pills and recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice daily (I’ve only taken 1 capsule twice per day).  It contains NO:

  • artificial color, flavor, or sweetener
  • preservatives
  • sugar
  • starch
  • milk
  • lactose
  • soy
  • gluten
  • wheat
  • yeast
  • fish

So far I have been taking this supplement for nearly 3 months, and the difference I have been able to tell with it is far beyond what I could have hoped for.  I don’t even take it daily, I usually will take one capsule twice daily for the week before my cycle, and then as needed.  I didn’t know whether this would help instantly, but a couple of weeks ago, I had been feeling more anxious than usualy, so I decided to take a capsule that day, and it helped calm me down.  The L-Theanine does not make me drowsy/sleepy in the least, which I’m very glad for because I wouldn’t be able to take it otherwise.  I have too many kids to be trying to sleep :).  I have since been letting my 16 year old take these from time to time since he, like me, has some anxiety. 

I can’t speak highly enough about the L-Theanine.  I purchased 2 bottles when Puritans Pride was having a BOGO sale, and I’ll be making sure to keep this on hand both here at home, as well as keeping some in my purse and vehicle.  If you or someone you know has issues with anxiety, I would highly recommend this product!

You can purchase L-Theanine at Puritan’s Pride:

  • 1- 30ct bottle for $9.99 OR
  • Buy 3 – 30ct bottles for $15.42 (Save 50%)


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28 thoughts on “Anxiety Disorder and How L-Theanine Has Helped

  1. Jaxfam

    I’ve taken 3 different anxiety medications and none of them truly work for me. I still have anxiety and unable to sleep. Can’t wait to give this a try!

  2. Anonymous

    Anxiety is natural and a normal bodily reaction, but when it gets out of control and is having an effect on your life there are many ways to treat it. L-theanine is great! But not a cure…consider therapy to learn where anxiety stems from, and how to change your thinking to overcome it. The “anxiety and phobia workbook” is a great place to start…cognitive behavioral therapy is not a quick fix but it does work if you commit to it.

  3. Jamie Baker

    I ran across your post while searching remedies for anxiety on Pinterest. Within the last month I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks hit after a bout of vertigo. I tried some anxiety meds from my doctor and do not like the way they make me feel. I’m going to try this supplement. Thank you for being open and honest. 🙂

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Jamie, anxiety can be extremely frustrating. I actually have several family members taking this supplement now. Hope they work for you if you decide to try them 🙂

  4. Danielle

    Hey. So no negativity here just wanted to throw it out there that A you’re not a freak if you have anxiety or crazy. And B some people really do need proper pharmecueticals and it will not turn you into a zombie.
    Happy there’s a natural product out there though for those who cannot afford the meds. Vitamin B complex is also a great option as well.

  5. Casey

    I can certainly relate to this. I have had issues with anxiety since before I even knew what I was experiencing. In the past several months it has really hit an all time high. I will certainly look into using L-Theanine. Right now, I am taking three different medications, just for anxiety and depression (not counting all the extra junk). I would certainly love to try something more natural.

  6. Korrine

    I have had an anxiety disorder since I was about a year old maybe less my mother told me. I have now at 30 been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and panic disorder. I take medication for it at the moment, a high blood pressure medication, it seems to work but I wanted so thing natural to take right when I am having a panic attack or anxiety attack to just help me out a bit. I’m thinking about getting a bottle of this. Can’t hurt right?

    1. Amy Post author

      I like it alot, I have prescription medication for my anxiety….but I keep it for major anxiety attacks. This stuff is a really subtle feeling of just mood stabilization so I really like it.

  7. Denise

    I can totally relate. I have suffered from anxiety since I was 13, I am now 32 and I have notice that the anxiety and panic attacks are getting worst. 1-2 weeks before my period it gets a lot worst. I have been doing acupuncture hopefully it helps. I will definitely give l-theanine a try.

    1. Danielle

      Consult your doctor but unfortunately there is not much research done on certain things that pass through breast milk. You can call mother risk for information on safety of products while nursing

    1. Amy Post author

      Absolutely not Jenni 🙂 that’s one reason I like them. It’s a very subtle treatment in my opinion.

  8. margaret peg m

    this is a natural product and you don’t need a prescription? that’s wonderful news and i will pass on to my daughter, who also suffers from anxiety but is against medication. kudos!

  9. Tamra Gibson

    Thanks so much for this info. I started having panic attacks in 1999 after r house fire and they finally put me on xane when nothing else worked. It doesn’t knock me out but the problem is it’s almost impossible to go off of them. Mentally i wld b ok but after all the years i hv been on them when u try to go off the physical and rapid heart beating makes it into a bigger attack. I am going to look into this and add it daily with hopes of pitching the xanax 🙂

    1. Amy Post author

      I can definitely relate, my dr. Sent a prescription of Xanax to me in December after our house fire. I guess he knew I would need them lol, but I only took a couple to help me sleep after our house fire as well. It’s Nerve racking.

  10. Melissa

    Thank you for sharing. After dealing with sporadic bouts of anxiety for years yet not realizing what it was, I’ve finally, in mid life, come to realize I’m not crazy. Hindsight is 2020 and I see the patterns of my life. Thank you for helping others.

  11. Laurel Samuels

    Anxiety is awful isn’t it? I’m with you going the natural route. I write a lot about anxiety and depression on my blog as well! Staying hydrated and getting exercise are also HUGE (even if your anxiety is so bad you feel like you CAN’T work out – just do it…)
    Laurel Samuels recently posted…Easter Fail!My Profile


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