Give them an A+ start with Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Gummies at Target

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It’s officially back to school time and I’m proud to say that I survived sending my daughter off to Kindergarten. It was a day I was dreading the last 5 years, and even worse during the summer as I counted down the days. She’s been home with me since she was born, and I worried about a number of things as the first day of school came closer. Will she be scared, will she miss me, will she feel safe, will she ask for help if she needs it, will she be able to make friends, is she going to get sick all the time…..the worries were endless.  My biggest fear was of course all the bugs that go around, especially with young kiddos. I spoke to her doctor during her school checkup about my fears and she told me that I should expect her to get sick……’s just part of life. She also told me that continuing to give her vitamins daily would help keep her healthier.

Kynlea’s been using the Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies for the last couple of years. I love the variety of children’s vitamins and supplements Target carries. They are one of the few that she actually likes the taste of, and she ALWAYS asks for her vitamins in the morning, so I don’t ever have to worry about forgetting to give it to her. Kynlea’s been ready for school for a while, and was really excited to go school shopping for the first time. She loves shopping at Target, so that was the first place we stopped since we can get everything we need from school supplies, cute outfits, lunchbox essentials, and most importantly, vitamins.

During the summer I started preparing her to go to school by getting her into a school routine. School mornings in our house can get crazy with 4 kids. Thankfully, my boys are old enough to get themselves ready and drive themselves to school, so I can put most of my focus on getting Kynlea ready. By setting a routine early, her first 2 weeks of school have been pretty smooth.

Back to School Morning Routine

  • As soon as Kynlea wakes up, she takes her Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies. I let her choose which color she wants from a choice of Orange, Cherry, and Mixed Berry. She likes all 3 flavors so it’s easy to administer to her.
  • Breakfast – while the school offers free breakfasts, I feel more confident feeding her at home so I know what she’s eating. Plus it’s easier to brush her hair while she eats and watches a cartoon.
  • Brush our teeth…..yes OURS….it’s always been something Kynlea enjoys to brush our teeth at the same time, this means I don’t have to fight her to do it.
  • Get Dressed which is simple since I allow her to pick her clothes out the night before
  • We grab her backpack, pre-packed lunchbox from the night before and head out the door!

Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies not only taste great, they also hep fill any of the key nutrient gaps from our kids’ diet and support their overall health!

  • Contains 12 essential nutrients for age-specific nutritional support, including vitamins A, C, D and E, B vitamins, and minerals like iodine and zinc
  • All natural fruit flavors
  • Colors derived from natural sources –No synthetic dyes
  • No preservatives or yeast
  • Gluten free

With Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies at Target, kids can get a head start with healthy habits this summer, so it becomes routine for back-to-school.  You can find out more about Nature Made® on Facebook and TwitterWhat are some of your back to school routines to kick start a healthier year?


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