FREE Crochet Pattern: Wrap Around Baby Booties

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This Crochet Baby Wrap Around Bootie has been my most popular pattern.  As of today 6/27 I have now finished editing and correcting the first 3 sizes and will complete the last size (12-18 months) this weekend. 

Grab the Printable Version of this pattern here.

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FREE Crochet Pattern: Wrap Around Baby Booties Size 0-3 months

3 More Sizes Available Here

(will fit up to 3.5″ sole)

What You’ll Need:

  • Worsted Wt. Yarn (I use Caron Simply Soft)
  • E Hook
  • 2 Buttons
  • Embroidery needle to weave in loose ends

Stitches Used:

  • Ch = chain
  • Ss = slip stitch
  • Sc = single crochet
  • Hdc = half double crochet
  • Dc = double crochet
  • Blo = back loop only
  • Sctog = single crochet together
  • Hdctog = half double crochet together


*Both shoes will be worked completely the same until you get to the cuff, then I’ll break that down for you in pictures to help you keep from getting confused.

  • Chain 10
  • Round 1: 2sc into 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next 5 st. Hdc in next 2. 8Dc in last ch. Working on other side, hdc in next 2, sc in next 5, 2 sc in last stitch where beginning 2 sc are. Don’t join. ( 26 st total)
  • Round 2: 2 sc in 1st st from last row, 2 sc in next. Sc 7, hdc in next, 2hdc in each of the next 6 stitches, hdc in next, Sc 7, 2 sc in last 2 stitches. Do not join – (36 stitches total)
  • Round 3: Sc in next 2 stitches, 2 sc in next. Sc10, 2sc in next 2 stitches, sc in next 6, 2 sc in next 2 stitches. Sc 10, 2sc in next. Sc in last 2 stitches. Do not join ( 42 stitches)
  • Round 4: Working in the blo, sc in each stitch around. Join to 1st sc. Ch1 (42)
  • Round 5: Sc in same as join, and in each sc around. Join, ch1. (42)
  • Round 6: Hdc in same as join and in each stitch around, join with ss to 1st hdc (42)
  • Round 7: Sc in same st as join, sc in next stitch, sc2tog, sc 7, hdc2tog 10 times, sc 7, sc2tog, sc in last 2 stitches. Join, ch1. Don’t turn. (30st)
  • Round 8: Sc 9, hdc2tog 6 times. Sc 9. Join and ch1 (24)
  • Round 9: Sc 9, hdc2tog 4 times, sc 7 and join. – 20 stitches – finish off


  • Round 1: Rejoining your yarn for the right foot strap…. Count back 9 stitches from where you joined (as pictured above), and reattach yarn.  Ch1, sc in same stitch and each remaining 19 stitches around.  DO NOT JOIN.  Now chain 12. 
  • Round 2: Working back on chains, hdc in 3rd chain from hook, hdc in each next 9 chains, hdc in each stitch of bootie around.  Ch1, turn. -30 stitches
  • Round 3: Hdc in next 25 st, ch2, skip 2, hdc in last 3 stitches. Ch1, turn – 30
  • Round 4: Sc in each stitch around, ch2 and turn – 30
  • Round 5: Sc in first, *skip next, 5dc in next, skip 1, sc in next stitch* Repeat *to* 6 more times. Sc in last stitch, finish off.
  • Attach button


  • Round 1: Rejoining your yarn for the right foot strap…. Count back 9 stitches from where you joined, CHAIN 10 and reattach yarn in instructed stitch with sc. Sc in each remaining 19 stitches around.  Ch1, turn – 30 stitches
  • Round 2: Hdc in each 20 stitches, and each 10 chains.  Ch1, turn. -30 stitches
  • Round 3: Hdc in next 3 stitches, ch 2 skip 2, hdc in next 25 for button hole on the strap. Ch1, turn – 30
  • Round 4: Sc in each stitch around, ch2 and turn – 30
  • Round 5: Sc in first, *skip next, 5dc in next, skip 1, sc in next stitch* Repeat *to* 6 more times. Sc in last stitch, finish off.
  • Attach button

Download the printable version for more sizes

*Please feel free to sell any finished items from this pattern.  Do not re-post this pattern as your own.  I ask that you give credit with a link back to this post if you decide to share about this pattern. 


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57 thoughts on “FREE Crochet Pattern: Wrap Around Baby Booties

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  2. Z

    hey how do we “not join” and “join” rounds im pretty new at this and i thought this would be an easy project

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  4. Gail

    I’m working on 6-12 month size and between rounds 8 and 9 the numbers don’t add up. I’m versed enough in crochet to realize the numbers don’t work but not quite versed enough to figure out the correct fix. The count on 8 is 31 and if you do 4hdctog in next round you will not end up with a count of 29 in the next round.

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Victoria, lol, I just checked that, not sure what I put that in there for but just pretend it’s not there. You don’t do any turning until the cuff part of the bootie šŸ™‚

  5. Pamela

    for Newborn to 3 months size….on left boot cuff, Round 3 should read hdc in next 3 stitches, ch 2 skip 2, hdc in next 25 for button hole on the strap …

    I absolutely love these! thank you so much for the pattern! Pamela

  6. Jamie

    Hi, firstly i woul like to say that i love this pattern and i am hoping to make more. But im having issues with the left cuff. It seems that even though i followed this to the letter i messed up. Do you have the pictures you mentioned to help break it down? The right one turned out great but the left was almost backwards yet i re-did it and it was still wrong and the button hole was on the inside not the lose bit. If you have the pictures or maybe a video tutoral that would be fantasic im hoping to make these for my niece who was born today and a friend who is due in august. Please help . Thank you šŸ™‚
    Jamie recently posted…Fricaine Handbags Help You Stand Out From the CrowdMy Profile

          1. Shawn

            Hi Amy!

            Love these!! Have you published the 12-18 mos size pattern yet? I can’t wait to make these!


          2. Amy Post author

            Hi Shawn, I’ve got it written up now and am typing it up to add to the download so you can check back later this evening if you like and it should be good to go šŸ™‚

  7. Rachel

    Hiya Amy šŸ™‚ I love these little booties and have made a few pairs for baby presents, thank you for you for your fabulous pattern and sharing it with us all for free! I just wanted to check in with how the corrections to the other sizes are going… Thanks again šŸ™‚ Rachel

  8. Sandy

    On the pattern for 0-3 months — should row 9 read: Sc 9, hdc2tog 4times, sc 7. join. 20 stitches, finish off. (also, no need to ch 1 ?)

  9. Sandy

    Can’t seem to get the pattern for the larger size baby wrap around booties. Would like to make them for my first granddaughter.


    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Sandy, I’ve disabled the patterns for larger sizes temporarily. I made changes to fix the newborn size which is now correct, and have to now fix a few parts in the larger sizes. Should be up by end of week if you want to check back. Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

  10. Shelly

    these are precious!!! I am making the 0-3 months and I am 4 stars off. At the end of row 7, I don’t have enough stitches. I’m 4 sts short and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have takin it apart and retried it 3 times and still get the same result. What am I doing wrong? Plz help!

    1. Amy Post author

      I was working on these the other day and made some changes. Let me go up to row 7 and check, it may just need to be updated to match the first rows I fixed šŸ™‚

  11. Dee Lafrenz

    Thank you for this pattern. I have a grand daughter that is about to have a birthday, and these would be perfect for her. I need step by step directions for booties. Don’t know why some patterns give me a hard time, but they do. Yours seems so easy to follow! I will try to take a photo of them when I am finished!

  12. marlee

    New to crocheting… when you’re doing the cuffs and starting from the front stitch, for the right shoe do you start chaining to left or right? Same with left shoe…
    I’m having the hardest time getting the stitches to match, one side always looks “inside out”..

  13. liz

    I am working on the newborn-3 months size.
    In round 8, following the instructions you end up with a st count of 25 not 26, so that would make rounds 9 & 10 with 22 sts, not 23..

    Then onto round 11, I’m working on the left shoe it says to sl st into 10 sts, then ch 14, you work your way back down that chain back to the boot and then it says to hdc into the next 20…I’m confused as to how there are 30 working sts on the boot (ss 10 + hdc 20) when I currently only have 22 sts after working round 10.

    I hope you can assist as I have been crocheting for years and I’m hoping maybe its just my advanced age confusing me and not the pattern!

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Liz, I’ll have to work the pattern up and see where it’s going amiss. I won’t have time to do so however, for probably a few weeks. We’ve been busy trying to fix our house to move back in. As soon as I have a chance though I will get the kinks worked out on this one. Sorry :/

  14. Erica

    I’ve made it through step 6…past this point my booty does not take shape. It seems as though there are not enough single crochets to get me to the toe for the HDC stitches around. Please help…I haven’t been successful at this booty & I’m desperate to finally accomplish one

  15. Riley C.

    Is the button hole supposed to be on the cuff for the right cuff or on the bootie? Because right now it’s on the bootie the way I worked it up and it doesn’t seem right.

    1. Edith

      I had the same problem. I unraveled it and used the directions for the left on the right to make the hole where it should be on round 12. Not sure if this has since been corrected.

        1. Edith

          I’m also having problems with the size 12-18 months. Round 7 says Sc 2, sc2tog, sc 12, dc2tog TWELVE times. Sc 12, sc2tog, sc 2, join.
          Ch1. (40)
          When adding all these stitches up, 2+1+12+12+12+1+2 =36+6=42

          1. Amy Post author

            Hi Edith, I’ve been working on the size 0-3 this weekend and have updated some of the corrections. I’ll have to work them one size at a time this week to see where they all need to be fixed. I’ll try to have the changes posted and updated on the downloaded version this week. Sorry for the troubles.

          2. Kelli

            I too had problems with the 12-18 months on rd 7. I was able to adjust to get the 40 stitches total at the end. This is what I did. sc2, sc2tog, sc 10, hdc 1, dc2tog 12 times, hdc 1, sc 10, sc2tog, sc 2.

          3. Amy Post author

            Hi Kelli, thank you for sharing that so I can go in and fix it. I’ve been slowly going through all the sizes to fix errors, so this will definitely help. Would love to see them when you’re done šŸ™‚

  16. Kristina Goodin

    I am confused in your directions of the round 2…
    (Sc 8, 2hdc in each of the next 6 stitches. Sc 8, 2 sc in last 2 stitches.)
    Am I cramming those 36 stitches into just 8 stitches or what? The directions are confusing… and if so whats the other stitches from the last round suppose to do?

    1. Amy Post author

      I’m not sure which part is confusing, the round 2 states “2 sc in 1st st from last row, 2 sc in next. Sc 8, 2hdc in each of the next 6 stitches. Sc 8, 2 sc in last 2 stitches” You shouldn’t have to cram any stitches anywhere. There are 26 stitches at the end of round 1 not just 8. In round 2, there will be 10 increased stitches to make 36. If you would like to email me a picture of your work, I might be able to see where it’s going wrong.
      Amy recently posted…Prepare Your Kids for Cold and Flu Season with Nature Made KIDS FIRST #ReviewMy Profile

  17. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    Those are the cutest. Thank you st much for sharing the pattern with your readers. It so awesome that you care enough for us to do this. We do appreciate you very much.

  18. vickie couturier

    I so wish I could do that,, i tried once to make a blanket and it looked like a watering vessel,it was awful

    1. Melissa

      Hi, I would like to know as well regarding the 12-18 month pattern that Ravelry says there is šŸ™‚ was looking forward to making this for a friend’s baby.

      Thank you.

      1. Rebecca

        Hi Amy,
        Thank you for sharing your talents and your patterns. I have tried clicking on all the links to the 3 other sizes with no luck. What am I doing wrong? Bootie weather is a-comin’!

          1. Becky

            I too am struggling, can get 0-3 but nothing bigger, I get to this page then there is nothing to click on – Helllppppp


  19. Leah

    I lost my printed copy of the hat you’d done to go with the booties, and was so disappointed to find your other site no longer in existence, and no way for me to get my hands on another copy of the hat pattern. POUT! If there’s any way you can get that to me, I would be forever grateful!!!!!

    1. Amy Post author

      I am on my way out on but if you will give me a couple of days, I’m actually taking my work with me, and will be posting my patterns to this blog. Very sorry for the convenience. I failed to back my patterns up from the other site, my luck, so I’m having to re-work and write them up again! Thank you for stopping by.


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