Free Crochet Pattern – Cutie Pa-tootie Girls’ Slippers

 Cutie Patootie Girls Crochet Slippers Pattern

I have another fun free crochet pattern for you today!  As always, I give permission for you to use your finished items however you wish.  All I ask is for credit back to me here if you share the pattern.  Please do not re-post as your own.  You can also download a printer friendly version of this pattern.

I can’t ever crochet anything without my daughter wanting a pair of her own.  She has seen me crocheting lots of baby booties to fill my orders and wanted a pair of slippers, so I obliged.  These are my first child size slippers and they are SO easy to make.  Both slippers can be worked in about an hour to a an hour and a half.  These will fit a size 11 little girl.  I made them custom for her foot which means I measured the widest part of her foot, the rise from her toes to nearly the ankle, as well as the length of her foot.  Of course I crochet a tad bigger than the measurements to make sure they weren’t too tight.  Her foot measurements were:

  • Length: 6.5″
  • Widest Part of foot: 7″ around
  • Rise from toe to ankle: 3.25″

I always recommend measuring!!!    Cutie Patootie Girls Crochet Slippers Pattern  Cutie Patootie Girls Crochet Slippers Pattern  Cutie Patootie Girls Crochet Slippers Pattern  Cutie Patootie Girls Crochet Slippers Pattern


Grab the printer friendly download here.


  1. Size I Hook
  2. 4 Colors Worsted Wt. Yarn (I used Red Heart)
  3. Embroidery Needle to weave in loose ends


Round 1: With Blue: Starting with a magic circle, ch2 and hdc 12 into circle. Join to first hdc, ch1 DO NOT TURN – 12 hdc
Round 2: 2hdc in each stitch around. Join to 1st hdc. Ch2, no turn. – 24 hdc
Round 3: 1hdc in each stitch around, changing to white – 24 hdc
Round 4: repeat 3 changing to pink. Join, ch2. – 24 hdc
Round 5-6: repeat round 3, changing to white – 24
Round 7: Repeat round 4, changing to green – 24
Round 8-9: Repeat round 3, changing to white – 24
Round 9: Repeat round 4 changing to blue – 24
Round 10: Hdc in each stitch around. Ch2 – 24
Round 11: Hdc in same as join and next 13 changing to white. Ch2, turn – 14hdc
Round 12: Hdc in eac 14 hdc from round 11, changing to pink. Ch2, turn – 14hdc
Round 13-14: Hdc 14 ch2, turn – changing to white -14hdc
Round 15: Hdc 14, ch2 turn – changing to green – 14hdc
Round 16-17: Repeat round 12, changing to white – 14hdc
Now you’ll stitch close the end (white) and finish off.

Round 18: Reattach blue in center back, ch1, sc in each stitch around opening of the shoe. Join to 1st sc, ch1
Round 19-20 : Sc each stitch around
Round 21: Sc in each stitch around, dec sc at both inside front corners of shoe by skipping one stitch (2 dec). Finish off.

Cutie Patootie Girls Crochet Slippers Pattern (7)

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8 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern – Cutie Pa-tootie Girls’ Slippers

  1. Tracy

    Size 2 is it messurges 8.5 inches long im going to make a pair for my daughters friend for her 12th birthday nxt week

  2. Belinda

    I assume to make smaller or larger you just increase/decrease the middle portion. I want to make these for a size 7 and 2.

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Cynthia, I’m going to say a 10-12 in small kids. My 5 year old wore these when she was in a child’s size 11

    1. Amy Post author

      They’re really easy to work up, thanks for stopping by and you can always send a pic of your slippers 🙂


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