Boost Your Immunity with Scent 2 Health Essential Oils #Winter #FluSeason

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Scent 2 Health and Tomoson.  Regardless, all thoughts are my own.

For the last week, every time I log into my personal Facebook post, I’m seeing people sick with the flu.  Believe it or not, when I’ve asked them if they got their flu shot this year, their answer is yes….  I’ve never gotten a flu shot, and I probably never will. I rarely get sick so I choose not to take them and I do just fine. I don’t practice or even have a lot of knowledge in holistic approaches for medical purposes, but I do try to find natural health products for ailments when I can. 

This year, is the first year I’ve actually felt bad enough to medicate myself.  Although I haven’t caught the flu, I have definitely been catching every other bug going around it seems like.  I believe it’s because my immune system is pretty shot right now from exhaustion, stress, and this crazy weather here in Texas.  This last month has been one of the most difficult and stressful in a really long time, if ever, and I’ve been looking for a natural product to boost my immunity.  I’ve heard a lot about the natural essential oils, as a matter of fact my Mom swears by them.  When I came across IMM+ Aromatherapy Essential Oils Blend from Scent 2 Health, I thought I’d try it and see for myself.  This specific blend is made specifically to support immune system in conditions of flu.

Being my first experience with essential oils, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I was pleased that although it does have a scent, it’s not overbearing.  It’s actually kind of calming, and really easy to use.  The oil comes in a 10ml bottle with a dropper for convenient administration.  I simply massaged a few drops to my neck, behind my ears, as well as on my upper chest.  I love that it doesn’t have a lingering oily feel, because that’s not something I like at all.  

I’ve been using this blend for nearly a week, and while I think it’s still a little early to tell if it’s helped with my immunity, I do know that it leaves me feeling more relaxed.  That in turn seems to also put me in a better mood (my kids said they noticed).

There are a lot of ingredients in this blend, but the main ones I seem to notice are the lavender and eucalyptus.  You can read more about what’s in this blend at Scent 2 Health.  You may be interested in the other essential oils they offer for other issues you may have.  I noticed they have a blend for “That Time of the Month” that I’d be really interested in checking out.  If you’re new to essential oils as am I, you might find this page interesting.  It does a great job of breaking down exactly how these oils work, and it was actually pretty interesting and made sense.

You can purchase IMM+ Essential Oils Blend for Immunity Support on Scent 2 Health for about $25.  The bottle contains 10ml which goes a long way since you’re only using a few drops each time.  You can follow Scent 2 Health on Pinterest and Facebook also to stay up to date on their current deals and other promotions. 

Have you ever tried essential oils?  What are your thoughts if so?

*Please note that I am not a medical professional.  You should always visit with your doctor before trying anything new.

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