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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Premier Protein.  Regardless all thoughts are mine. #PremierProtein #FitFluential

Are you looking for an easy way to get more protein in your diet?  Protein is what I focus on more than other things because I know that without it, I won’t have the energy to complete my day to day tasks. A common problem with many of us is finding easier, more convenient ways to get the amount of protein we need.  I’ve found that protein shakes work best for me, but I’m picky about those too! Premier Protein® offers a perfect solution for this problem. With each of their shakes delivering 30g or protein, low amount of fat, 1g of sugar and 160 calories, they make the best protein shakes for active and busy individuals!BEST PROTEIN SHAKES PREMIERE PROTEIN BANANAS AND CREAM

My body has endured years of abuse with all my fad dieting and diet pills, but when I hit my 30’s my thinking changed, and I made changes focus more on improving my health than decreasing the  numbers on the scale.  I’ve found that I feel my best when I get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, stay physically active, take vitamins, and get plenty of protein each day.  Before I found Premier Protein®, getting enough of that was not an easy thing!  

I’ve tried a lot of different protein shakes and meal replacements, and in my opinion, Premier Protein® offers the best protein shakes for my lifestyle.

Why Premier Protein® is the best protein shake for me! As a mother of 4 and sole income earner of the home, I’m busy from the time my feet hit the floor each morning until I lay my head down at night.  I know how important a healthy breakfast is, but I have no appetite until early afternoon!  I keep these on hand so that I don’t start the day with an empty stomach and a slow brain.   I also know that if I don’t drink one, it leads to unhealthy snacking later. One Premier Protein® shake keeps me full for hours while giving me energy to do what I need to do.


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Great-tasting Premier Protein® shakes are considered a complete protein, delivering all 20  amino acid building blocks, including all of the essential ones. Each Premier Protein® shake is packed full with 30g or protein, low fat, 1g of sugar and a low 160 calories. They also have 24 vitamins and minerals. Plus they’re yummy, and that never hurts!

There are several flavors to choose from, but my favorite is Strawberries & Cream. I’ve recently had the chance to try out the New Premier Protein® Bananas & Cream Shakes, and it is really, really good!  You can even mix it into a nice little smoothie like this one…

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My two older boys like the chocolate most and by the number of my Bananas & Cream shakes that are MIA, I guess they like it as well!  Kids definitely need plenty of protein for growth and development.  I’m constantly preaching to them about making sure they get a good amount, especially with their sports activities and their really poor teenage snacking choices. With so many of us enjoying these shakes, I purchase larger packages of Premier Protein® shakes on

I notice a big difference in how I feel when I’m consuming enough protein.  I just feel so much better overall and love that I can tackle my days without feeling as worn down as usual.  Some of the major differences I’ve noticed since drinking these include:

  • **Seems to ease my symptoms from anemia: As long as I can remember, I’ve been anemic. Not severe, just enough to be low most times.  Most days, I feel worn down, short of breath, and sometimes can’t seem to focus. Of course some days are worse than others and it’s those days that I find it difficult to even function.  I get dizzy, have nearly no energy, annoying headaches, and it also raises my anxiety level. It’s not a good feeling at all!  I’ve found that when I increase my protein with the help of Premier Protein® shakes, those low functioning days occur less often.
  • Longer Lasting NATURAL Energy: I don’t just feel more energized but it’s a natural energy that lasts longer. That’s important for me because I’m not done with my daily duties until it’s bed time!  A lot of people want a quick fix to energize them.  Problem with that is that so many of the products out there tend to provide a short life energy soon followed by a crash!
  • Curbs my Appetite – These are great meal replacements for me and help keep cravings away throughout the day.  If I don’t get something high protein and low carb in my belly to start my day, by mid morning and early afternoon I’ll be eating whatever is in the house…..usually sweets! Protein digests slower, so I don’t feel hungry so soon and the temptation to snack stays at bay!
  • Muscle recovery – I don’t work out as much as I used to but these muscles are still working with all the running around I do everyday. There are times I’ve found myself still having energy to work, but my muscles get tired and sluggish. When I have time, I love to walk to wind down and clear my head. My muscles don’t always want to cooperate though. Premier Protein® gives my muscles the oomph they need to keep me going.BEST PROTEIN SHAKES PREMIER PROTEIN

Getting the proper amount of protein doesn’t have to be difficult. The amount of protein you need to fuel your life depends on certain factors like activity level, fitness goals, gender, age and so on.  If you’re curious, you can use the protein calculator to see what your daily intake of protein should be.  Premier Protein® shakes are a great protein source whether you’re at home, or on the go.

Stop missing out on doing the things you love most!  Learn more about how the best protein shake can help improve your focus, maintain your weight, and give you the longer lasting energy you need to live a healthy, active life! You can find more information and stay up to date on promotions and new products when you follow Premier Protein® on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you struggle to get enough protein in your diet, and if so how do you feel it affects you the most?

**Disclaimer: Neither I nor Premier Protein make any claims that their products assist in treating medical issues.  I am only sharing my own thoughts based on my own personal experience. Always consult your physician before you try new supplemental products.

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