FenTrim Appetite Suppressant #Review (works like phentermine)

I WAS NOT PROVIDED FREE PRODUCT AND DID NOT RECEIVE ANY COMPENSATION FOR THIS POST.  This post does however contain affiliate links.  Regardless all thoughts are 100% mine and honest.The Best Online Appetite Suppressant - Buy Phentermine Online

I have spoken to a lot of people who look to buy phentermine online, which is the very popular and effective appetite suppressant.  I actually used to purchase phentermine online way back when it was available that way.  I’ve also used it in the past with prescriptions, but haven’t in quite a while because it became such a hassle to get and a little costly after doctors appointments that are now required in order to get a prescription.  I recently found an appetite suppressant similar to phentermine on Amazon called FenTrim, and after reading the reviews I decided to try it.  I finished the first bottle and then ordered two more last week because I liked it so much, and thought I would share it for those looking for an appetite suppressant that is effective.

*Before I go any further, please understand, I’m not a doctor and I always say you should speak to your physician before trying anything new!  I am only giving my opinion on a product I tried and am continuing that I know a lot of people are in search for.

I also wanted to share now because I found a promo code for BOGO Free deal on this, and I’m not sure how long it will last.  Regularly $42.95 for one month supply, you can get TWO bottles on Amazon for $42.95  with promo code 6MGYKL23 making them just $21.48 each!

Best Online Appetite Suppressant FenTrim Works Amazing

I do stay on a low carb diet about 90 percent of the time as I find it the best option for me. However, any time I stray off of it, it’s really difficult for me to cut the cravings back out to get back on track.  It can sometimes take me several days to finally get a good couple days straight on my low carb diet because my appetite and cravings are my worst enemy.  For me, it’s really helpful to find an appetite suppressant that both works, but doesn’t leave me feeling sick with jitters and racing heart and all that nonsense.  I’ve tried a LOT of different products I’ve come across, and was even a little skeptical about trying FenTrim but decided to give it a try.

With the first bottle I just finished, I’ve lost 8 pounds, but here are my biggest pros about FenTrim.

  • It is a definite appetite suppressant, enough so that I don’t even think about food and sometimes have to make myself eat. 
  • It has a mild diuretic effect which really helps me as I seem to retain water very easily
  • NO Jittery feeling
  • I have a lot of energy, usually peaking in the early afternoon

In addition to those, I also noticed something that was very unexpected in that this seems to be a mood stabilizer and even enhancer for me.  You may have read on here before that I have very moderate/severe anxiety.  It’s gotten steadily worse in the last 4 years or so, and for whatever reason, I have noticed since taking FenTrim, that I’m much

Best Appetite Suppressant Online Like Phentermine

more calm and well, stable :).  This was a pleasant surprise for me and even noticeable by my family.  Matter of fact, it was Paul that said something first.  When we (all 6) went out for Father’s Day, I was so shocked that we made it through the whole day in the vehicle and everything, with NO issues, no bickering or anything.  I was in a really good mood. 

Paul’s exact words were, “you were unusually calm today” which I guess helps keep everyone calm and relaxed.  Anytime all 6 of us are together for any amount of time, I’m a ball of nerves and more times than not, it ends in a meltdown!  The only thing different I’ve been doing is the FenTrim!  Again, just something I noticed on my own, results may be different from person to person.

Now, I do have just a couple of cons but nothing deal breaking obviously since I ordered 2 more bottles.

Best Online Appetite Suppressant FenTrim Like Phentermine

  • These are about 2.5 times bigger than a phentermine pill.  This isn’t really an issue for me but may be for some.  However, they are scored in the center and easily snap in half if you need to take them in halves.
  • Recommended to take one before breakfast, and one before lunch.  Again, not too much of a deal breaker for me, but I know for some people they might not like that.  Sometimes the first one will hold me most of the day and I don’t feel a need for a second dose. There are 60 pills per bottle, so even taking two a day is still a one month supply!

Product Description on Amazon:

  • Rapid Fat Loss – FenTrim helps boost your metabolism which is the key to fat burning.
  • Boosts Energy – FenTrim contains ingredients that boost your energy levels throughout the day. Helps you feel good and get moving.
  • Reduces Cravings – Helps curb those cravings. Whether it is sugar, salt, etc FenTrim helps decrease your cravings so you don’t want to snack throughout the day.
  • Greatly Increases Your Chances of Weight Loss Success – With appetite suppression and energy boosting power FenTrim can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Are you interested in trying FenTrim?  You can get TWO BOTTLES-a TWO month supply of FenTrim on Amazon for just $42.95  with the BOGO FREE promo code 6MGYKL23.  I’m not sure how long they’ll offer the BOGO deal so if you want to try it, I would recommend trying it while they run this deal, it puts the bottles at just $21.48 each!

*I was not provided any free product nor was I compensated for this post.  It’s a product I purchased on my own, and like always, thoughts are all mine and 100% honest!

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14 thoughts on “FenTrim Appetite Suppressant #Review (works like phentermine)

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi Renee, if you’ll look on the image of the back of the bottle, the proprietary blend is the active ingredient. You can see what all that consists of.

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I’ve been using this for a while now and if anything, it makes me even more hungry than normal and doesn’t give me any energy. Not sure if that’s just me or not, but it hasn’t helped; it’s made it worse!

  2. Gina M

    I just ordered some! I used to take Phentermine, and it worked great for me. I need to lose some LBs again, so I am going to try this with diet and exercise. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Amy Post author

      You’re very welcome. When you get your package check for an insert that will allow you to receive a 100% FREE bottle just for leaving an Amazon review. Just got mine shipped today!

    2. Becky

      I too use to take Phentermine and since coming off of it my appetite has started to increase. When I used Phentermine I was fine and lost weight with it. Since you used Phentermine and went to this product, does it work the same for you as Phentermine did? Thanks!

      1. Amy Post author

        Hi Becky, in my opinion, this works better for the simple fact that it’s not as stimulating and jitter causing. It decreases appetite exactly the way phentermine did for me, but the Fentrim has a bonus feature for me in mood enhancer. I notice my mood change more than my appetite when I haven’t had these 🙂

  3. vickie couturier

    how about sleeping? did it affect that in any way,,just curious because some of those interfer with sleep

    1. Amy Post author

      It will if you take it too late in the day Vickie, I did that a couple times and it did keep me up later……but I’m a late stayer upper anyway lol. It’s recommended to take it once in the morning before breakfast, and than once before your lunch.

  4. Maryann D.

    I would love to try a definite appetite suppressant, I am always worried about trying medications or supplements that I have not used before, although it would great to use a product like this that works.

    1. Amy Post author

      Yes ma’am. In my younger days, I wasn’t nearly as cautious to try anything and everything. Now days, I try to be more aware of what’s in it, and I will NOT take anything that makes me feel compromised. I’m very excited to have come across this, it will definitely help with my weight loss goals.


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