5 Signs Your Air-conditioning Unit is in Need of Repair

With the next summer season coming into a full swing, several households will surely depend on their air-conditioning units to help them cool down. Most people would agree how frustrating it is to have a broken air-conditioning unit in the middle of a hot summer season. In some cases, the problem can be solved by letting the unit rest for some time. But most of the time, the service of an AC repair professional is required. Compare and check the prices, service packages, and certifications before choosing the best AC repair company.

While AC experts can accurately diagnose your unit’s working condition, there are some indications that a repair is already needed. Once you identify the problem with your unit, it is encouraged to seek professional service as soon as possible to avoid further damages and to avoid inefficient electricity consumption. Learn more about the 5 signs that your air-conditioning unit is in need of repair and keep your homes cool this summer season.

  1. The unit is not blowing cool air as before.

If your unit is not blowing cool air as expected from the thermostat setting, then the problem could be low Freon levels which may be solved by a quick refill. If the unit is producing cool air but fails to circulate air in different parts of the room, then the problem might be due to faulty ductworks which would need an urgent repair. Before calling a professional, check if the thermostat and fan controls are correctly set and if the electrical circuitry inside your home is working properly too.

  1. There is moisture or water leaking from the unit.

Once you notice that water is excessively leaking from the air-conditioning unit, you should call a professional immediately to prevent further damage to the electrical components. Leaking water due to a damage to the drain tube can easily be fixed by AC experts while leaking refrigerant needs a more careful handling since the chemical poses serious risks to our health.

  1. The unit is producing noises.

Any strange noise coming from the air-conditioning unit signifies that there is something wrong with the motor and other internal parts of the machine. To prevent further damage, avoid fixing the unit if you do not have a background in AC repairs.

  1. The air-conditioning unit is frequently short-cycling.

The cycling process or the automatic turning on and off of the air-conditioning unit is needed to keep the temperature as constant as possible whilst saving more energy. Short cycling means that the unit switches on and off more quickly than normal even when the temperature is not yet cold enough. Postponing a repair on a short-cycling air-conditioning unit might put extra stress on the motors and cause the entire unit to break down completely.

  1. There is a strange odor coming out from the unit.

Foul odors might be caused by burnt electrical wirings or accumulated mold or mildew inside the unit. In both health-threatening cases, a repair or clean-up should be done as early as possible to prevent health problems from developing.

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3 thoughts on “5 Signs Your Air-conditioning Unit is in Need of Repair

  1. Jeff Babcock

    “Hello Amy, this is really very informative blog. The signs that you have mentioned about when our AC needs repairing is surely going to help me out for maintaining my air conditioning unit too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Precious Leyva

    Wow, I had no idea that noises could be an indicator that my air conditioning unit would need repair. When systems that I don’t know about produce noises, I usually ignore it. But I wouldn’t want there to be internal damage to my A/C unit because I avoided a problem. That is something that I will have to pay attention to. Thanks for the insight!


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