5 Finished Basement Trends in 2017

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Finishing off your basement is a great investment as it adds so much value to your home. Whenever you add on functional living space to your home, you are increasing your value while providing additional space for your family to grow and enjoy. One of the most popular home renovation projects right now is the finishing off of a basement. Many basements are the length of a home and can add a significance to your home life. Here are some of top finished basement trends in 2017.

  1. Bar with barstools. Perhaps one of the most popular ways to add a unique flair to your finished basement is by adding a bar with barstools. Typically done in an open concept space, a bar area can provide a great place for your family and friends to enjoy a snack or a cold beverage. If you are adding this to your home, be sure to purchase seating that will go with your decor. For example, if you have a wood bar, it is a good idea to consider enhancing the space with some oak barstools such as those offered by danetti.com. Made of wood, you can count on the stools being around for as long as you own your home. What a great investment!
  2. Enclosed movie room. Another popular addition to any basement is to create an enclosed movie room complete with a large format screen and surround sound speakers. Don’t forget to add comfortable seating such as a plush couch with lots of pillows or even movie theater style seating complete with cup holders. Consider putting down berber carpet or something that has scotchgard so that you can avoid permanent stains should someone drop some movie candy or buttered popcorn on to the ground.
  3. Fitness space. Taking care of your health and fitness is very important. Often times it can be a chore to get up and leave the house to drive to the gym. Building a fitness space in your finished basement complete with your favorite equipment can be a great way to use up space. Be sure to add a television and maybe even a mini-fridge so that you can store cold towels and water.
  4. In-law suite. If your in-laws live far away and often need a place to stay when they visit, considering the addition of an in-law suite is sure to score you big points with your spouse and their family. An in-law suite can also be used as a space for your adult children or teenagers as well. If you do create an in-law suite, consider building outdoor access so that the rest of the house is not disrupted at the comings and goings of those living in the in-law suite.
  5. Home brewery. Brewing your own beer at home is quite popular these days. In fact, many are brewing beer as a hobby and find it to be a great time. If you are a craft beer lover and are one to brew your own beverages, adding a brewery to your finished basement could be a great use of space. No longer will you need to take up the entire kitchen to create your latest concoction. Freeing up other space in the house will surely be appreciated by your spouse.

Have you done something creative with your own basement space? 

*Guest post provided by Pedro Ramos.

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  1. patricia Marsden

    Over the years our basement has housed bar and stools, guest room, pool room, playroom, mother-daughter apartment. It changed with the needs and with the times.


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