3 Tips to Choosing the Right Size Garbage Disposal

How to Choose Right Garbage Disposal

A good garbage disposal definitely contributes to a lot of convenience when it comes to getting rid of your kitchen trash. From chicken bones to uneaten vegetables, the garbage disposal takes care of it by mincing it down so that it can easily go down your drain. It is environmentally friendly because it lessens the greenhouse gases released in our environment and it also makes your kitchen more sanitary because you can easily get rid of leftovers. If you are going to change your garbage disposal or are planning to install one, you will always encounter the same question; “Which size is the right one for me?” When choosing a garbage disposal you don’t necessarily have to pick the bigger size for better performance. There are points that you need to consider aside from the size. Here are some tips that might help you select the right garbage disposal to satisfy your kitchen needs.

  1. Measure the space under your sink

This is the first thing you need to do. You must measure the space available under your sink. A garbage disposal can consume a big amount of space, so you have to measure the dimensions first to determine the right size that will fit your sink. Generally, the bigger the garbage disposal, the more power it has so if you have a smaller space under your sink then you have to stick to the one with a smaller horsepower. If you have been living in a studio type or a one bedroom apartment then a compact garbage disposal with a smaller power is the right choice for you. On the other hand, Garbage disposals with bigger motors are perfect for big houses with big spaces.

  1. Number of Occupants in your home

Garbage Disposal’s power is always based on their size. The bigger it is, the stronger motor it has. Now the question here is that how much grinding does your garbage disposal be doing once installed in your house? This is important because if you select the one with a small motor then it might have a hard time grinding food for a big family and it might end up being destroyed. You must count how many occupants are staying in your house. If there is just one or two person staying at your place then you can choose the one with the smallest motor because it is affordable and will perform right. If you have a bigger family then you should go for the bigger motor so that it can take care of your mess easily and without giving your garbage disposal a hard time. You can also consult the manual or the sales representative on which garbage disposal is perfect for your household.

  1. Check Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is the best way to check for problems and know about inquiries about a certain product. You can always consult the internet if you are going to choose the right garbage disposal for your kitchen. Most online reviews will give you deeper insight about the products you are planning to get. They can also give you the pros and cons of those types of brands and the prices of each item.


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