3 Signs You are in Need of a Slab Leak Repair

Home maintenance can be time consuming and if you don’t keep up with it, never-ending when it does come to repairing things that are in dire need. Some maintenance you can easily do on your own such as applying a fresh coat of paint or planting flowers in front of your house for a nicer curb appeal. There are other jobs, however, that are just too challenging to do on your own and it is best to hire a professional such as mckinney plumber as they have experience with repairs and they have the proper equipment needed to do a job such as slab leak repair. This article will identify several signs that you are in need of slab leak repair.

Cracks in walls. If you notice a crack in the walls of the foundation of your home, you should make it a priority to get check out. This means that you have a faulty foundation which could be problematic for you as time marches on. Cracks can mean that your foundation is moving which is not a good sign for the overall health and well-being of the longevity of your building. It is critical that you take these cracks as a warning sign and get them checked by a professional quickly. While it may be a costly problem to remedy, it will only get worse if not remedied promptly.

Difficulty in opening doors or windows. Another way that you can tell that you are in need of slab repair is if you have a hard time opening doors and windows. This happens when your foundation has moved which causes your door and window frames to shift. This shift is what makes opening your doors and windows a challenge. If you are able to open your windows and doors more often than not, you may be able to wait for a bit before contacting a professional. However, if they stick consistently, it is time to call someone to take a look at your foundation as this could mean that you are in dire need of repairs.

Flooring trouble. If your slab foundation is damaged and has leaks, you will begin to notice that your flooring is cracked and uneven. Another way that you will notice that your floor is in trouble is if you have tile and the grout begins to come up. What is happening is that the foundation has shifted and moved which has caused your tile and grout to crack.

Cracked floors or walls, difficulty opening windows and doors, as well as corner gaps, are all signs that point to you needing to schedule a professional to come examine your home and check for slab leaks and foundation trouble. This can be a nerve-racking appointment to make but if it continues to be ignored, you can face bigger problems such as having to move and replace your entire home. Getting it checked as soon as you spot a sign that something is amiss will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

*Guest post provided by Brant Scheifler on behalf of  Hackler Plumbing.

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