3 New Hobbies to Pick up this Summer

There are so many interesting things you can try this summer that doesn’t require bumming at the beach. We’re talking about productive things you can do over the season that wouldn’t give you a tan. This list is about 3 new hobbies to pick up this summer that are both fun and exciting, no sunblock needed. Ready?


  • Join fitness classes


People usually pump up their workout schedule before summer starts. That’s so they can be ready for the coming season. If you’re too late though, no worries, fitness classes abound all year round. But this time, do something new. Get into something you haven’t done before. Your local fitness center for sure offers a variety of classes you can join with a group. Sweat out all of your boredom with Zumba. Punch away all your frustrations with boxing. Try indoor cycling if you want to get the same adrenaline without getting lost in the road. Yoga is an effective practice that calms you down and strengthens your balance. As with any exercise, discipline is key. But the variety of things to do is an exciting way to push you into those gym doors with your trainers on. So move it!


  • Try working with electronics


It only starts to get geeky when you’re tinkering with new technology and working with hard to find materials. Otherwise, there are tons of no-brainer tutorials out there that effectively teaches you to make your own batteries and even power banks. How cool is that?

This website, for example teaches you about EZ Battery Reconditioning method. That sure sounded geeky, but it’s really just about prolonging the life of your batteries using DIY methods. Now that doesn’t sound too technical, right? And when you do get it right, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned, and how much you can potentially save with this project.

Sites like Instructables contains detailed tutorials on how to make a variety of stuff. If you’re bored, try Googling for some easy DIY projects and watch how time flies!


  • Hone your creative side


Not everyone is gifted in this field but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying. If you’re a frustrated, artist, actor, or writer, summer workshops are the perfect excuse to learn and not be judged about your talent, or lack of. You can always say your mom forced you to it.

But seriously speaking, there are so many avenues to learn something new. Especially today when it’s so easy to share information to one another. Don’t be afraid to join classes and meet new friends. There’s no shame in trying, and people are always willing to help. Attending summer workshops and honing your creative skills will definitely make your summer worthwhile.

Of course there’s a lot more hobbies you can pick up this summer to keep you from getting bored. The important thing is to not let a day go by that you’re consumed by a lack of things to do. So get out, have fun, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

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